Title: Data-Driven Government - Big Data With Purpose



The U.S. Department of Commerce collects, processes and disseminates data on a range of issues that impact our nation. Whether it's data on the economy, the environment, or technology, data is critical in fulfilling the Department's mission of creating the conditions for economic growth and opportunity. It is this data that provides insight, drives innovation, and transforms our lives. The U.S. Department of Commerce has become known as "America's Data Agency" due to the tens of thousands of datasets including satellite imagery, material standards and demographic surveys.

But having a host of data and ensuring that this data is open and accessible to all are two separate issues. The latter, expanding open data access, is now a key pillar of the Commerce Department's mission. It was this focus on enhancing open data that led to the creation of the Commerce Data Service (CDS).

The mission at the Commerce Data Service is to enable more people to use big data from across the department in innovative ways and across multiple fields. In this talk, I will explore how we are using big data to create a data-driven government.



Dr. Tyrone W A Grandison is currently the Deputy Chief Data Officer at the US Department of Commerce. Formerly, he was a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow (2014-15) working with the US Department of Labor and the US CENSUS Bureau on their data and API (application programming interface) initiatives. More information at http://www.tyronegrandison.org/bio.html