Legal Matters:

1.         Students over 16 years old shall carry with them their passports for possible examination by police.

2.         Students holding L or X visa shall apply for Residence Permit within due period. Overseas Student Office provides assistance in this regard free of charge (Students need to pay visa application fee by themselves).

3.         Students should report to Overseas Student Office one month prior to their current visas or residence permits’ expiry date if they wish to continue their study. Overseas Student Office will also remind students to extend their visa.

4.         Students are prohibited to work. Students wishing to work part time shall apply for a Working Permit in Overseas Student Office. Students only can work after obtaining the permit.

5.         Students staying out more than 5 days shall provide Overseas Student Office with destination, return time and contact details. Students only can leave after obtaining the office’s permission.

6.         If a student absents for more than 15 days and we cannot reach the student via all means, such as phone, email etc, PSB will cancel the student’ Resident Permit.

7.         If a student’s living address and/or phone number changes, please inform Overseas Student Office immediately.



1.         Students could bring their own beddings or borrow beddings from dormitory. In case of borrowing, students should wash beddings regularly. Students should return borrowed beddings in clean status (without any stains on them), otherwise fine will be applied. If students believe stains can be removed, please do so before returning them.

2.         Water is free of charge. Each room is allocated 30 KWH free electricity usage each month. Exceeded electricity usage is charged at the rate of RMB 0.42 per KWH (subject to change according to government policy). In order to save electricity, you may turn off the switch of water heater (热水器) when you do not need hot water.

3.         Students should clean up any mess they made after using kitchen.



1.         Students shall pay tuition before applying for a Residence Permit.

2.         Students can get refund of full tuition if they withdraw courses within the first week of each semester.

3.         Regardless full time or part time study, students shall pay full tuition if we provide guarantee for them to apply Residence Permit (we can help students’ relatives to apply for Residence Permit free of charge if they could provide relevant certified relative relationship documents notarized by Chinese Embassy or Consulate General in students’ home country).

4.         Students shall pay their accommodation fee before the fifth day of each month.

5.         Students shall pay exceeded electricity fee and LCD TV rent (RMB 50/month, double room only, the LCD TV can be removed upon request) at reception in the beginning of each following month.


Campus Life:

1.       Cash exchange & withdraw: Students can exchange money at any Bank of China with their passport (nearest Bank of China is 200m to the opposite of the Primary North Gate. Please refer to Map of SWUFE). Students holding international credit card or traveler’s cheque or needing Western Union Service, please consult with Overseas Students Office (Office 220).

2.       Student ID card: Upon registration and handing in photos of fresh students, Overseas Students Office will issue Student ID card to each student within first 4 weeks of a semester.

3.       Campus Card: A Campus Card can be used in every cafeteria, some shops and public laundry of overseas students building. Students can apply for a Campus Card at the service counter of the 1st, 4th or 6th (Liulin Campus) cafeteria from 12:00 to 12:30 or from 17:00 to 17:30, Monday to Friday, with their passports. An application fee of 15 will be charged. Location of counter in 4th cafeteria: inside right hand side entry (when facing the building), just under the stairs.

4.       Internet service: Multimedia Room in overseas students building (fourth floor) is open to our overseas students for free of use. Every room in overseas students building is equipped with Internet access. For in-room internet access, please first obtain your ID number from Overseas Students Office (Room 220) and physical address of your laptop and then go to the Room 907 of Guanghua Building to register and pay fees (50 for connection fee and 20 for monthly fee) .

5.       Telephone/mobile phone: Every room in overseas students building has a telephone. Students can receive phone calls for free. To make phone calls, students should purchase the 96301 telephone card at most shops in SWUFE. Students who have a GSM 900/1800 mobile phone can purchase a local SIM card. For further information, please see next pages.

6.       Fresh students must read SWUFE Guidebook carefully.

* Instruction of obtaining Physical address: click START ---> click RUN, type cmd and press ENTER ---> type ipconfig /all



Regulation for Foreign Student Apartment (CIE, SWUFE)

1.         All students should check in with valid ID (such as passport etc.) and pay RMB 500 as deposit. Students will get full deposit refund if the room is maintained in a reasonably clean and tidy state when check out. Deposit receipt must be presented when claiming refund.

2.         Students should observe the laws and decrees of China as well as the rules and regulations of the SWUFE. Students should pay bills and relevant fees on time and not carry out any activities which are against public interests.

3.         Students are not authorized to sub-lease, exchange rooms, or keep visitors overnight.

4.         Students should sign on the list of room items after entering the room. Students should compensate any damaged or lost items according to the price attached.

5.         Students should report any repairs or defects promptly.

6.         Students should maintain the room in a reasonably clean and tidy status and not keep pets without written permission.

7.         Students should not use electric cooker in the room and not smoke on the bed.

8.         Students should not put any personal belongings on the corridors or other common areas.


This regulation takes effect from 1 August 2006.


We reserve the rights to amend this regulation without notice.



Instruction for using 96301 Card to make a phone call


After purchasing a 96301 card, disclose the cover in the back of the card to get the card number (卡号) and PIN (密码), and then:

1.         dial 96301

2.         enter card number plus #

3.         enter PIN

4.         press 1 for making a phone call (2 for other functions, such as check balance etc.)

5.         dial the phone number you want to call in format

a)          00 + country code + city code + phone number + # (international call)

b)        0+ city code + phone number + # (domestic call)

c)         Phone number + # (local call)



Transferring money from food account to laundry account


You can do the transfer in the reception of dormitory as follows:

1.         put food card on the top left corner of the machine

2.         press number key(s), entering the amount of the money you want to transfer

3.         press key of “确定


Please note:

1.         laundry account is not refundable.

2.         charging rates: 3 for wash machine and 2 for drier per time.

3.         please ask for help from reception if needed.



Mobile Phone Plans

You can bring your GSM or CDMA mobile phone with you and buy a SIM card in China. Some of plans are as follows:


China Unincom

l  CDMA133153如意超值卡:No monthly rental fee. Call Charge of every call you make and answer is 0.12/min in first 200 min and 0.32/min afterwards. Roaming national wide. Price of card: 130 (negotiable, including 50 prepayment)


l  CDMA133零听风行卡(单向收费):Monthly rental fee: 25. Call Charge of every call you make within Unincom: 0.24/min, and 0.32/min otherwise. Call Charge of every call you answer: free. Roaming national wide. Price of card: 180 (including 100 prepayment)


China Mobile (GSM)

l  新动感地带:Monthly rental fee: 20 (including 300 free messages within China Mobile and prepayment of call charge for 20 min). Call Charge of every call you make (to mobile phone number starting with 130-139) is 0.15/min. Call Charge of every call you answer (from local mobile phone number starting with 130-139) is free. Otherwise the call charge (to/from fixed phones, mobile phones of other companies, rather than China Unicom, China Mobile) is 0.25/min. Roaming national wide. Price of card: 100 (including 50 prepayment)


l  神州行大众卡(单向收费):Roaming within Great Chengdu Region. Monthly rental fee: 18. Call Charge of every call you answer is free. Call Charge of every call you make is 0.20/min from 9:00am to 21:00pm, and 0.11/min from 21:00pm to 9:00am of following day. Price of card: 100 (including 50 prepayment)


l  中国移动全球通139新锐卡(单向收费):Call Charge of every call you answer is free. Roaming national wide. Monthly rental fee: 28. Call Charge of every call you make is 0.3/min. Price of card: 120 (including 70 prepayment)


l  神州行轻松卡(0月租):Roaming national wide. No monthly rental fee.10 for 50min, 20 for 100 min and 30 for 200 min. local rate (Call Charge of every call you make and answer) is 0.15/min. 5 free point-to-point color messages per month and free display of incoming call number. Price of card: 100 (including 50 prepayment)



1.         Nearest shop for selling SIM card: out of 3rd North Gate, turn left, 30 meters away, left-hand side. Name: 德秀小卖部.

2.         Bring a copy of your passport photo page. Make sure to make a note, 仅限手机开户使用(means: For buying SIM card only), on the copy so as to avoid unexpected use of your passport copy.

3.         The information above is for your reference only.







住宿申报 Registration for Accommodation


Any students moving to live on-campus or students entering China from overseas countries or territories who live on-campus should, upon arrival at SWUFE, register your accommodation information at Guanghua Police Station within 24 hours.


Any students moving living place or students entering China from overseas countries or territories who live off-campus should, upon arrival at home, register your accommodation information at local police station within 24 hours.


Guanghua Police Station is at where the arrow points.



Students live on-campus: Please fill your room number in the blank below before bring forth it to the police officer/ Students live off-campus: Please ask your landlord for help. Please take the registration form back to us (Office 220) once you get it:


我是西南财经大学的留学生,烦请贵所为我进行住宿申报。我的住址是:成都光华村街55号西南财经大学留学生公寓        房。我的联系电话是87355437,联系人:王彬宇。