Qi Li, professor and Associate Dean in School of Economics and Finance at Xi'an Jiaotong University


Li Qi, a second-class professor and former dean in School of Economics and Finance at Xi'an Jiaotong University and chair of e-commerce department of XJTU for 15 years. The director of e-Commerce research institute of XJTU (dated from 1997), He is also Vice Chair of Electronic Commerce Guidance Committee of China Ministry of Education, and Chair of Electronic Commerce Committee, China Association of Information Economics. The chair of  the 7th international e-Commerce conference(ICEC 2005), and found member of Sino-American e-commerce Workshop (5 sessions from 2001), The main member of teachers of state highlight curriculum E-commerce Introductory, and state video highlight curriculum The Road to E-commerce Development, the author of state highlight textbook E-commerce Introductory. He was the pioneer in e-Commerce research in China and having educated 30 doctors, 3 post-doctors and 60 postgraduates. He is also the consultant of several companies. He is the initiator and coordinator of China’s e-Commerce Education Curriculum sponsored by China’s Ministry of Education. His book Electronic Commerce in China (1997) is the first book on e-Commerce in China to be collected by US Congress Library. His research interests include e-Business modeling, e-Commerce project management, e-Government, and network economics. He has published over 100 papers in international and domestic journals/conferences, accomplished 30 major projects at both national level and provincial level, and published more than 30 books.


李琪,西安交通大学二级教授、博士生导师。曾任西安交通大学经济与金融学院副院长电子商务系主任15年、西安交通大学电子商务研究所所长、中国信息经济学会电子商务专业委员会主任、中国国家教育部电子商务专业教学指导委员会副主任。第七届国际电子商务主席(2005), 中美电子商务论坛发起人(已五届),国家精品课电子商务概论和国家精品视频课《电子商务发展之路》主讲。国家精品教材《电子商务概论》主编,被称为“中国电子商务第一人”。他的研究领域有电子商务理论、电子商务对策研究、电子商务项目分析与策划、电子政务等。他在国际和国内期刊及会议上发表了超过100篇学术论文,出版专著23本,完成省级及国家级项目18项。


Lifang Peng, professor and Dean of Department of Management Science of Management School, Xiamen University


Lifang Peng earned two degrees from Shandong University, a bachelor degree of science in radio electronics in 1983 and a master degree of engineering in electronic engineering in 1990. She earned a PhD degree of economics from Xian Jiaotong University in 2009. She has been a visiting scholar to a number of reputed universities in the US, Canada, UK, and South Korea. She is a department chair at Xiamen University. Her research interest is focused on electronic commerce and modern service industry. She is PIs in more than 10 nationally and provincially granted projects and published more than 30 referred papers in international journals and conferences. She was awarded the first prize on electronic commerce investigation by Ministry of Commerce of China. She is currently serving in a number of important national level committees the Committee, including the Committee for Electronic Commerce Education (Ministry of Education), Vice Chair of Electronic Commerce Committee (China Association of Information Economics), and General Secretary for the Joint Lab of E-Commerce & E-Government for Higher Education in China.