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Texas Tech University 2016 Symposium on Big Data

April 29, 2016, Friday

Co-Organized by Rawls College of Business and Cloud & Autonomic Computing Center (CAC)

Coordinated by Center for Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence (CAABI)

Co-Sponsor: Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL), TTU

TTU | Rawls College | CAC | DISCL | ORC | CAABI | FJUT

2015 Big Data Symposium | 2014 Big Data Symposium | 2013 Big Data Symposium



Theme: Knowledge Co-Creation from Big Data


          Conceive strategies to take advantage of opportunities by big data

          Form collaborations for future efforts between industry and academia across the world

          Promote educational programs in data science & technology

Keynote speakers:

Data-Driven Government - Big Data with Purpose


Dr. Tyrone W. A. Grandison

Deputy Chief Data Officer

The US Department of Commerce

Webpage | Bio | DoC Data Services

The Societal Impact of Big Data: Evidence from Political Science


Dr. Bin Gu

Professor of Information Systems

Arizona State University

Webpage | Bio | CV




Topics / Presenters


Opening comments

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)

Guy H. Loneragan, Professor of Food Safety and Public Health

Jeffrey Mercer, Associate Dean, The Rawls College of Business

Moderator: Eric Walden, ISQS


Keynote speech I (Room: BA 115 & 117, McCoy Atrium)

The societal impact of big data: evidence from political science

Dr. Bin Gu

Professor of Information Systems

W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University

Moderator: Zhangxi Lin, ISQS, TTU



Tea Reception, BA 115 &117 (McCoy Atrium)


Tutorials C Research & Applications

Moderator: Jaeki Song, Zhangxi Lin

1.     GLEAMM:  Big Data Opportunities from a Smart Electricity Grid, Russell Thomasson, Office of Corporate Engagement

2.     Big Data for Product Search in eCommerce, Alan Mi, Data Scientist (Abstract & Bio)

3.     Big data in online education, Fethi Inan, College of Education



Lunch, BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


(For boxed food, Please sign up here during April 18- April 24, 2016. Participation is free even without registration.)



Track A

Track B




Keynote speech II (Room: BA 115 & 117, McCoy Atrium)

Data-Driven Government - Big Data With Purpose

Dr. Tyrone Grandison

The Deputy Chief Data Officer, US Department of Commerce

Moderator: Yong Chen, Computer Science, TTU



A.    Industry-Academia Panel Session:

Big data market and opportunities

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium A)

Moderator: Paige Rutner, Ravi Vadapalli

Panelists: Tyrone Grandison, Alan Mi, Anthony PresleyAlan Sill, Yong Chen, etc.


B.    Doctoral Student Session:

Room: BA 117 (McCoy Atrium B)

Invited Adviser: Bin Gu, Shaokun Fan

Moderator: Donald Jones, Miguel Aguirre-Urreta





A. Research Panel Session: Deep Learning

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium A)

Coordinator: Yuanlin Zhang, Computer Science

Panelists: Susan Mengle, Alan Mi, Bin Gu



B. Cross-Disciplinary Research Session

Room: BA 117 (McCoy Atrium B)

Moderator: Fethi Inan, Shaokun Fan

1.     How and why the relative trading activity can predict stock returns, Hainan Sheng, Area of Finance

2.     Decentralized Distributed Storage System for Big Data, Wei Xie, Computer Science

3.     Accelerating Scientific Discovery by Tracking Data Provenance, Dai Dong, HPCC


Dinner is based on invitation for the contributors of the event






Advisers: Peter Westfall, Alan Sill

General Coordinators: Yong Chen, Zhangxi Lin, Ravi Vadapalli

Program Coordinator: Meng Li,

Publicity Coordinator: Weihong Ning,

Organizing coordinator: Yixiu Yu,

Secretarial Coordinator: Tiju George,; Joe Lin,


 The Rawls College of Business, ollege of BusinessTexas Tech University, 703 Flint Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79409-2101, USA