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Texas Tech University 2015 Symposium on Big Data

April 10, 2015, Friday

Co-Organized by Rawls College of Business and Cloud & Autonomic Computing Center (CAC)

Coordinated by Center for Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence (CAABI)

Co-Sponsor: Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL), TTU




Theme: Innovations with Data Science and Technology

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¡¤          Identify trends driven by big data in the areas such as information, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, marketing, etc.

¡¤          Conceive strategies to take advantage of opportunities

¡¤          Form collaborations for future efforts between industry and academia across the world

¡¤          Promote educational programs in data science & technology



Topics / Presenters


Opening comments

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


William Pasewark, Associate Dean, the Rawls College

Alan Sill, Director, CAC

Robert V. ¡°Rob¡± Duncan,  Vice President for Research

Moderator: Eric Walden, ISQS


Keynote speech I (Room: BA 115 & 117, McCoy Atrium)


Decision Making in the World of Big Data

James Wetherbe, Bobby G. Stevenson Chair, The Rawls College

Moderator: Eric Walden, ISQS, TTU



Keynote speech II (Room: BA 115 & 117, McCoy Atrium)


Ethics of Big Data

David M. Cauthron, Founder & CTO, NIMBOXX

Moderator: Yong Chen, Computer Science, TTU



Tea Reception, BA 115 &117 (McCoy Atrium)


Track A

Track B


A1. Big Data Analytics across Disciplines

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium A)


Chairperson: Simon Hsiang; Surya Yadav


1. ¡°Machine Learning Projects at TTU Applied Vision Lab¡±, Hamed Sari-Sarraf, EE, TTU

2.¡°Ambient intelligence in Reality Mining ¨C a Big Data Perspective¡±, Simon Hsiang, IE, TTU

3. ¡°Scalable Spatiotemporal Analysis of Location-based Social Media Data¡±, Guofeng Cao, GeoScience, TTU

B1. Business Analytics with Big Data

Room: BA 117 (McCoy Atrium B)


Chairperson: Miguel Aguirre-Urreta; Shaokun Fan (WTAM))


1. ¡°Investor Demand for Information in Newly Issued Securities¡±, Jack Cooney, Finance, TTU

2. ¡°Sentiment Analysis in Social Media Platforms¡±, Shaokun Fan, West Texas A&M

3. ¡°The Data Resource and Opportunities by United Market,¡± Dale Duhan, Marketing, TTU



Lunch, BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)

Invited Speeches

¡°TTU¡¯s Engagement in the Commercialization Process,¡± Dr. David Snow, Associate Director, Office of Research Commercialization

¡°How external entities engage with the innovation ecosystem with TTU,¡± Dr. Eli Velasquez, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


(Boxed food, Please sign up here during March 27- April 6, 2015)



Track A

Track B


A2. Big Data Analytics across Disciplines

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium A)


Chairperson: Yong Chen, Jaeki Song


 1. ¡°Neural Correlates of 4-D visualizations.  A comparison of Balloon Races and 3-D surface graphs¡±, Elshan Moradiabadi et al. ISQS, TTU

2. ¡°Speeding up Scientific Discovery with In-Advance Computing Model¡±, Jialin Liu, CS, TTU

3. ¡°Using Property Graphs for Rich Metadata Management in HPC Systems¡±, Dong Dai, CS, TTU

4. Short presentations:

1) ¡°Business Intelligence for Short-term Employment Human Resource Management ¨C The Case of TimeForge,¡± DTM Team X

2) ¡°Advances in Big Data Mining on Hadoop ¨C the Rising of H2O,¡± DW Team 3

B2. Marketing Intelligence with Big Data

Room: BA 117 (McCoy Atrium B)


Chairperson: Dale Duhan; Xianfeng Zhang


1. ¡°Modeling Cross-Category Dependencies in Households¡¯ Purchase Incidence Outcomes¡±, Alexander Chaudhry, Marketing, TTU

2. ¡°A Comparative Study on Hotel Consumers¡¯ Online Feedback Behaviors¡±, Xianfeng Zhang, Hainan Normal Univ.

3. ¡°Higher Education Institutions Acquiring Distance Education Content from Commercial Vendors¡±, Fethi Inan, College of Education, TTU

4.  ¡°A Study of a Call Center in B2B E-market¡±, Weihong Ning, ISQS, TTU

5. ¡°Using the text-mining approach to analysis customers' reviews on Yelp restaurant services¡±, Saman Bina & Gabriel Cogo, ISQS, TTU



A3. Roundtable: Cloud & Big Data Intelligence and Security: Hype, Reality, and Opportunities

Room: BA 115 & 117 (McCoy Atrium)


Moderators: Ravi Vadapalli, CAC; Zhangxi Lin, CAABI

Participants: TimeForge, Happy Bank, Wells Fargo, City of Lubbock, etc.



Dinner (invited)






General Coordinators: Zhangxi Lin, Ravi Vadapalli, Yong Chen

Program Coordinator: Bina Saman,

Publicity Coordinator: Roman Gaus Alam,, Tianxi Dong,

Organizing coordinator: Mink Sirisomboonsuk,

Poster Publication: Anagha Zadbuke,

Secretarial Coordinator: Rashid Patel,


 The Rawls College of Business, ollege of BusinessTexas Tech University, 703 Flint Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79409-2101, USA