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Rawls College 2014 Symposium on Big Data

April 25, 2014

Co-organized by CAC & College of Engineering & FJUT

Coordinated by CAABI




Theme: Innovate Research and Business with Big Data

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Presenters | Visitors (China) | Business participants | Photos


¡¤          Identify trends driven by big data

¡¤          Conceive strategies to take advantage of opportunities

¡¤          Form collaborations for future efforts across industry and academia



Topics / Presenters


Opening comments


Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


Lance Nail, Dean, the Rawls College


Robert V. ¡°Rob¡± Duncan,  Vice President for Research;


Moderator: Glenn Browne, Area Coordinator, ISQS



Keynote speech I


Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


 ¡°Why Big Data is Not All It¡¯s Cracked Up to Be¡±

Peter Westfall, CAABI, TTU


Moderator: Eric Walden, ISQS, TTU



Keynote speech II


Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


"Big Data¡¯s Transformation of Finance: Technologies and Solutions"

J. Chris Westland, University of Illinois at Chicago


Moderator: Jaeki Song, ISQS, TTU



Tea Reception, BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


Track I

Track II


Big Data Analytics across Disciplines


Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium a)


Moderator: Eric Walden, ISQS, TTU


1.     ¡°Big data challenges in Genomics¡±, Rao Kottapalli, Center for BioTechnology Genomics, TTU

2.      ¡°Big Data in Human Decision Support,¡± Simon Hsiang, Department of Industry Engineering, TTU

3.     ¡°Source of Power in Big Data¡±, Eric Walden, ISQS, TTU



Business Analytics with Big Data


Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium b)


Moderator: Donald Jones, ISQS, TTU


1.     ¡°Several pitfalls of and solutions to big data analytics,¡± Eric Zheng, UTD

2.     "Using high frequency data to explore how non-local investors can trade local information," Artem Meshcheryakov & Jack Cooney, Finance, TTU

3.     ¡°Revealing the Quality of Online Reviews in Social Commerce - A Big Data Approach,¡± Zhangxi Lin, CAABI/ISQS, TTU

4.     ¡°Deconstructing The Data Scientist,¡± Donald Jones, ISQS, TTU



Lunch, BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


Invited Speech:

"NSF Cloud & Autonomic Computing Center at Texas Tech," Alan Sill, TTU

 ¡°Corporate Engagement at Texas Tech -- focused on providing the ¡®R¡¯ in R&D for our corporate partners,¡± Russell Thomasson, Office of Corporate Engagement

¡°Functions of the Office of Technology Commercialization,¡± David McClure, Office of Technology Commercialization, TTU


(boxed food, RSVP to Pam Knighten,


Track I

Track II



Innovative IT for Big Data Analytics


Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium)


Moderators: Surya Yadav,  Ravi Vadapalli


1.     ¡°Design and Development of a Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Instrument (DISCI) for Big Data Applications,¡±

Yong Chen, DISCL, TTU

2.     "Access High Performance Computing from Local to the Nation Level", Alan Sill & Ravi Vadapalli, TTU

3.     Short presentations by students:

a.     Smart parking guidance

b.     ETL for Hadoop Data Warehousing

c.     Medical MIS with big data technology


Workshop on Smart Transportation Systems


Session 1

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium b)


Moderators: Hongchao Liu, Fumin Zou


1.     ¡°ITS in Finland and Research opportunities under ISSUE-TM,¡±  Matti Hamalainen, University of Aalto, Finland; Jyrki Nummenmaa, University of Tampere (video conferencing based)

2.     ¡°Big Data Management, Mining, and Analysis in Traffic,¡± Yao-jan Wu, University of Arizona



Roundtable on: Big Data Commercialization Opportunities through Texas Tech

(See abstract & discussion questions)


Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium a)


Moderators: Ravi Vadapalli, CAC; Zhangxi Lin, CAABI



¡¤         Kayla Tindle, OVPR

¡¤         Alan Sill, CAC

¡¤         David McClure, OTC

¡¤         Gary Zheng, LP&L

¡¤         Annette L. Sobel, TTUHSC


Participants: NSI (Dallas), City of Lubbock, LP&L, Abuelos, Wells Fargo, Smartfield, etc.

Workshop on Smart Transportation Systems


Session 2

Room: BA 115 (McCoy Atrium b)



Hongchao Liu, Civil Engineering; Fumin Zou, FJUT


1.     ¡°Big Data in Traffic of China: Beautiful Trip,¡± Fumin Zou / Dali Wei, FJUT / Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, TTU

2.     ¡°Visualizing traffic big data with Hadoop,¡± Vivek Shimbulal,et al., ISQS, TTU



Dinner at Abuelos Restaurant  (invited people)






General Coordinators:

Jibin Jiang (FJUT), Zhangxi Lin, Eric Walden, Fumin Zou (FJUT)

Program and Publicity Coordinator:

Jason Triche

Organizing coordinators:

Tianxi Dong (806) 786-3919, Andy Jiang (806) 319-1655

Secretarial Group:

Sushant Kolte, Anagha Zadbuke

Mohit Sachdeva, Rashid Patel

Sachin Pathak, Suhas Patil, Mrugank Dhone

Abey Michael





Industry attendees (check here):


 The Rawls College of Business, ollege of BusinessTexas Tech University, 703 Flint Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79409-2101, USA

Fujian University of Technology, No3 Xueyuan Road, University Town, Minhou, Fuzhou, Fujian, China