Roundtable Discussion on Big Data Commercialization Opportunities through Texas Tech


Ravi Vadapalli1 and Zhangxi Lin2

1Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center at Texas Tech University (CAC@TTU),

2Center for Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence (CAABI), Texas Tech University, Lubbock





Texas Tech University is one of the rapidly growing higher educational institution in translational research innovations, international engagement, and outreach. Texas Tech System is one of the notable systems that supports research and educational capabilities in science, engineering, law, and medicine on the same campus. Office of the Technology Commercialization (OTC), and the Office of the Vice-President for Research (OVPR) are the significant arms that helps translating Texas Tech system research innovations into economic value and commercialization opportunities. Industry-academia-government partnerships are the necessary catalyst for translating research and training into new business development, commercialization opportunities and skilled workforce development. Big Data paradigm has begun to revolutionize research strengths and their pathways into economy.  Examples include data science and advanced analytics in healthcare, energy exploration, and financial markets, and cyber-physical systems. This roundtable discusses Texas Tech¡¯s vision and strengths in this important area and provide some insights on how OTC and OVPR can assist the faculty and industry members realize their dreams.


Scope of this roundtable includes:

¡¤         Highlight TTU strategic vision and capabilities in translational research


¡¤         Innovative industry-research-government partnerships in business development, commercialization, and workforce development activities.


¡¤         Showcase ongoing State/Federal programs that support/strengthen Tech¡¯s translational research engagements.


¡¤         Help available through OTC, and OVPR in strengthening these areas.