Dr. Philip Smith, Sr. Director, HPCC

Professor, Mathematics and Statistics

Texas Tech University

159 Drane

Office: 806.742.4350, Fax: 806.742.4358

Email: philip.smith at ttu.edu; www.hpcc.ttu.edu 


As Senior Director of the HPCC and a Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Texas Tech University, I support large computing activities including molecular dynamics, quantum dynamics, bioinformatics, protien structure and numerical weather carried out on the TTU campus.   I am the TTU representative for HiPCAT (High Performance Computing Across Texas) and the former 2 term director.  Our grid computing activities are further advanced by being a member of the SURAGrid Governance Committee and currently Suragrid Co-Chair.  I am also the treasurer of CASC (Coalition of Academic Scientific Computing) that is the premier organization for academic high performance computing in the US.   


Title:  Big Data at the HPCC

We review some of the challenges that our researchers have encountered involving Big Data.   We have installed over a petabyte of high speed data storage to support the activities of our users at the HPCC.  In addition, our users have purchased hundreds of terabytes to support their activities.  I will present the experiences of our physicists (collaborating on international projects), climate scientists who generate terbytes of data and then must communicate that data with funding agencies, atmospheric scientists performing real-time forecasts at high resolution, and bioinformaticists generating terbytes of genetic data every day.