Business Intelligence Courses

September 2012

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ISQS 6339

BI & Data Management

Taught: 2008-present

Prerequisite: ISQS 6338 (Database)

         Dimensional modeling

         Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL)



         Introduction to SAS programming

         BI system planning (new)

         Microsoft SQL Server 2008

         SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3

         Base SAS


ISQS 6347

Data & Text Mining

Taught: 2006- present

Prerequisite: Statistics

         Decision tree

         Logistic regression


         Association analysis

         Text mining

SAS Enterprise Miner 6.1/4.3

ISQS 7339

Business Analytics

Taught: 2008-present

Prerequisite: ISQS 6347

         Explanatory use of data analysis

         Advanced predictive model

         Targeted marketing

         Intro to sentiment analysis

         Intro to Monte Carlo simulation

         SAS Enterprise Miner 6.1

         SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3

         Microsoft Excel


ISQS 7342

Financial Market Analytics

Ready to offer

         Monte Carlo simulation for financial engineering

         Analytical results visualization and reporting

         One of the following topics:

o    Pairs trading analytics

o    Financial time series analysis

o    Credit risk management

         SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3

         Base SAS

         Microsoft Excel


BA 7000

Advanced problem solving with SAS

Taught: Spring 2009

         Decision trees and algorithm implementation

         Implementing market intelligence by clustering modeling

         Business optimization

         SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3

         Base SAS

         Microsoft Excel


MS-MIS Curriculum