The Rawls College of Business Administration

Texas Tech University


ISQS 7342-002, Fall 2009

ADVANCED TOPICS IN MIS – Recent Research Trends in Business Intelligence


Instructor: Dr. Zhangxi Lin

Office hours: 9-11a TTh or by appointment, BA 708

Class Meeting: 9:00-11:50a Friday, LH008


Course objectives:

  1. To address currently most viable subjects in business intelligence research, letting students follow the dynamics of the MIS research
  2. To improve student’s ability in identifying the most promising research topics from the real world and extract appropriate research issues under the guideline of relevant theories
  3. To allow students study and practice the most-widely applied research methodologies and techniques for innovative BI/MIS research
  4. To develop and build up a number of basic research skills, such as research reference material search and summary, logical thinking and analysis, problem solving, research notes writing, and paper development.


Keywords characterizing the class: open source, online reputation, digital market, open innovation, social network/computing, business intelligence, information security, network privacy, knowledge management, Internet marketing


Course Structure:

In general, this course will emphasize on the quantitative techniques with the methods in business intelligence, optimization, computer experimentation, and decision sciences. There are a series of lectures on the latest research issues, named as Research Highlight.



1. Assignments (20%, not including class discussions), each worth 2%. There will be combinations of different types of questions in each assignment:

1)       A summary from a reading material (2-3 page, 600-1200 words),

2)       A comprehensive summary based on a number of reading materials (3-6 page, 800-1500 words), or

3)       A research issue proposal, 1-2 pages plus references

2. Class participation (20%).  Involvement in class discussion and weekly short presentations if any.

3. A research proposal with clearly defined research issues, relevant literature and applicable theories (6-10 pages plus references, double spacing, 12 point). (20%)

4. A final version of the extended proposal or working paper with a twenty-minute in-class presentation (40%)


Grading criteria of the deliverables:

1.       Relevance to the theme of this seminar course

2.       Creativity and insightfulness of the research subject

3.       Comprehensiveness and broadness of the supporting information

4.       Quality writing and conciseness of expressions

5.       Logically well-structured and methodologically sound contents

6.       Timeliness  of the submission


University Policies

Requirements:  Please contact me if you have any special requirements, or if I need to make special accommodations for you during the semester.  I encourage you to visit with me about your progress in the course at any time.

Integrity.  Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated.  All students are required to adhere to the Texas Tech University Policy on Academic Honesty

Civility in the Classroom.  “Students are expected to assist in maintaining a classroom environment which is conducive to learning.  In order to assure that all students have an opportunity to gain from time spent in class, unless otherwise approved by the instructor, students are prohibited from using cellular phones or beepers, eating or drinking in class, making offensive remarks, reading newspapers, sleeping or engaging in any other form of distraction.  Inappropriate behavior in the classroom shall result in, minimally, a request to leave class.” 

ADA Requirements.  Classroom accommodations will be made for students with disabilities, if requested.

Religious Holidays.  A student who intends to observe a religious holy day should make that intention known to the instructor prior to an absence. A student who is absent from classes for the observance of a religious holy day shall be allowed to take an examination or complete an assignment scheduled for that day within a reasonable time after the absence.




Schedule (subject to updates)




Deliverables  (due a week after the assignment)

Aug 28, 2009





Research Highlight: E-Market Structure and E-Business Clustering

Assignment 1

1)       List two possible IT research issues.

2)       Summarize the paper for the next week presentations.

3)       Prepare for a 15-minute presentation on the assigned readings


Sep 4, 2009



Topic 1 - E-market & E-business


Research Highlight: Online Community and Open Innovation


Assignment 2

1)       Find a latest IT issue in the industry

2)       Find 2-3 relevant research papers

3)       Summarize one paper in the reading list

4)       Prepare for a 15-minute presentation.


Sep 11, 2009





Topic 2 – Open Source and Knowledge Management


Assignment 3

1)       Read the listed papers.

2)       Summarize the paper(s).

3)       Prepare for a presentation of 15 minutes. 

4)       Pick one of the topics to develop a one-page research proposal.


Sep 18, 2009



Topic 3 - Social Network and Distributed Business Intelligence


Research Highlight: Online Reputation Systems


Assignment 4

1.       Read the listed papers.

2.       Summarize the paper(s).

3.       Include 2-3 extra references.

4.       Prepare for a presentation of 15 minutes. 


Sep 25, 2009



Topic 4 – Online Feedback and Incentive Systems



Assignment 5

Same as previous

+ Refine the research proposal. Due next week.

Oct 2, 2009



Topic 5 – Market Intelligence


Assignment 6

Same as previous

Oct 9, 2009



Topic 6 – Knowledge dicovery and innovation


Research Highlight: Text mining techniques (by Sangno Lee)

Assignment 7

Same as previous

Oct 16, 2009



Topic 7 – Information Search and Information Quality


Research Highlight: “SEM & SEO”, Yang Yu


Assignment 8

Same as previous

Oct 23, 2009



Proposal discussion


Research proposal due

Oct 30, 2009



Topic 8 – Recommender Systems


Research Highlight: Risk Management

Assignment 9

Same as previous


Nov 6, 2009



Topic 9 -  Information Security and Risk Management


Research Highlight: Anti-Money Laundering

Assignment 10

Same as previous

Nov 13, 2009



Topic 10 – Online Fraud Detection


Assignment 11

Same as previous


Nov 20, 2009



Topic 11 – Experimentation methods



Nov 27, 2009, Friday



Dec 4, 2009, Friday

Term Paper Presentation

Guest speaker: Jiangtao Qiu


Dec 11, 2009, Friday


Term paper/report due