The following information is NOTintended for those students who already have good personal computing skills. In previous semesters some graduate students did get problems at the very beginning of the semester to follow the class pace becasue of lacking of the requried skills. This note is to remind them to make a better preparation for this course.

Any student who is to take this course must have the following minimum computer/network skills, or s/he needs to make up them in the first three weeks of the semester.

  1. Skillfully use at least one email client software and a good emailing style (e.g. checking email at least once a day, responding emails in time, etc.);
  2. Web browser applications, such as web-based search engine;
  3. ftp;
  4. Basic HTML scripting;
  5. Microsoft Word;
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint (know how to prepare and present PowerPoint slides.)