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ISQS 6341 (Fall, 2001)

Data Communications and Network Management

Prerequisite: ISQS 5237 and COBOL programming language or equivalent

Class meetings: TTh 2:00-3:20p, BA 268
Instructor's Office hours: TTh 9:30-11:30a, BA 708

TA: Vasuki M. Basavanahalli , BA 51, Office hours: T4-5p and F11a-12p, 742-1942

Online Course Materials (Slides, Links, Handouts, etc.)

Topics PPT Slides Other Slides Homeworks Readings and References URL Collections
1. Introduction Topic 1(FD1)   Exer1 Supp1 Links
2. Internet Applications Topic 2 (FD2) e-comm, B2B Exer2 Supp2 Links
3. Distributed Data Processing Topic 3 Frequences Exer3 Supp3 Links
4. Physical Layer Ch7 Ch8 Ch10 Base-Conv Exer4

Supp4; WS's Ch6-8, 10; FD's Ch3

5. Data Link Layer Ch9 Ethernet Exer5

Supp5; WS' Ch9; FD's Ch4

6. Network and Transport Layers Ch4 Ch5 IPv6 Exer6

Supp6 Slow-start;

WS' Ch4-5; FD's Ch5

7. LANs and Backbone Networks Ch14 Ch15 FD7 FD8 Exer7 Exer8 Supp7 Supp8 CoBA's LAN; WS' Ch14-15; FD's Ch6, Wireless LAN and Backbone Network Design Links
8. Wide Area Network Ch12 Cable_Modem ADSL Exer9 Supp9 VPNs IP over DWDM Links
9. Wireless Network Ch13 Slides by a previous 3349 group Exer10 A handout A report by a previous 3349 group; WS' Ch13  
10. Security Management & E-commerce Ch20

Snmp-Cmip Ch19

Online Escrow

Exer12 Supp12 Encryption; WS' Ch18-20 Links

ISQS 3349's In-class Exercises: 1| 2| 3| 4| 5| 6| 7| 8| 9