Term Project Instructions

1.       This report is worth 20 points

2.       Group must meet at least twice for the report

3.       Report contents

a.       An identified IT and its potentials

b.      Existing cases and outcomes

c.       The adoption strategy to a selected business

d.      How to implement the IT and realize the value

4.       Format

a.       Motivation and background information

b.      The introduction to the IT to be adopted

c.       Strategy alignment and other issues covered in the course

d.      Conclusions and discussions

e.      References

f.        Up to 10 pages not including the reference list.

5.       Assessments

a.       Originality

b.      Topic innovativeness

c.       Writing quality

d.      The relevancy of the contents to the textbook. At least the concepts in 10 chapters are covered (mark these points)

6.       Due Dec 12, submitted to the Blackboard system.

(Note: Subject to further updates)