Group Projects (3349 Fall 99)

Important dates:
Sep. 9 All groups have picked up a project topic and groups' homepages are on-line.
Oct. 5 Project proposal due
Nov. 11-23 Group presentation
Dec. 2 Project report due

Project Deliverables:
Group homepage Constantly updated with project writings, hyperlinks.
Project Proposal 2-3 pages
Project presentation 25 minutes
Project report 20-25 pages including references, figures and tables, 12pt font, double space
1. You need to investigate the current status of the topic you chosed by searching relevant materials on the Internet.

1) If you are working in an advanced issue that is to be solved, the project would cover such aspects like problem definition, current status of the issue, discussion on possible solutions, choice of a specific solution, and implementation strategies.

2) If you are addressing an available new technology, you need to provide an overview of the background and explain the technology and its application. You need to find the products or services related to the technology. You are encouraged to carry out practical exercises, such as programming, downloading a trial copy of the software product to try.

3. You are encouraged to explore technical details. Programming or implementation will add credit to your project, but not mandatory.
4. If your group chooses the same topic as has been chosen by a group in another 3349 session, discussion and information exchange are allowed. However, you must finish your final report indenpendently.
5. While carrying out the project , you need to update your group homepage periodically. It is weighted 20% to the project as indicated in the syllabus.
Group Name Project Website / Notes

Group C

Ryan Scott , Chanda Steinle, David Swist and Jason Haynes

New Internet connection services(ADSL,Cable modems)

Presentation: Nov. 11

Sides: ISDN Cable Modem ADSL VDSL

Group D

Scott Booth, James Bryan, and Glen Gowen 


Presentation: Nov. 11


Group E

Chris Larance, Candice Lukens, Steven Leija and Gilbert Travis

Encryption for network security

Presentation: Nov. 11


Group G

Lee Carstens, Jason Swink, Toui Inthirath, and Cody McCurdy

Interactive/multi-media based web-pages

Presentation: Nov. 16

Group H Network PC's  

Group I

Chris Larchelle, Jesse Pauda and Lena Gwinn

Intranets (firewalls for network security)

Presentation: Nov. 16
Group L

Jennifer Wright, Joe Martinez, and Jennifer Denney

Extended Markup Language (XML)

Presentation: Nov. 23


Group M

Amber Dietz, Drew Allen, and Ashley Sparkman

Methods of payment, such as Digital cash for E-commerce

Presentation: Nov. 18


Group P

Proxy server technology and its applications  

Group R

Matthew Garcia, Amy Tillet, Nathan Vore, and Joey Rangel


Presentation: Nov. 18

Group S

Mike Blanco, Jason O'Brien, Jason Gabriel and Russ Hulme

Internet streaming technology

Presentation: Nov. 23 Slides

Group T


New technologies like SONET,Switched multimegabit data services (SMDS)  

Group U

Jim Burckhard, John Smith,  and Melanie Friemel

Comparison of UNIX vs. Windows NT

Presentation: Nov. 16

Group V

Steven Owen, Kenneth Barker and Daniel Walters

Computer virus and Internet security

Presentation: Nov. 23


Group W Wireless LANs  

Group X

Kelly Ragsdale, Carmie Pierce, and Steve Prichard

Electronic Data Interchange

Presentation: Nov. 18