Fall 2000 Schedule (ISQS 3349)

Date Day Contents Reading Notes
29-Aug Tuesday Introduction Ch1  
31-Aug Thursday Network Applications Ch2  
5-Sep Tuesday Network Applications Ch2 Form project group
7-Sep Thursday Network Architecture Ch3 Quiz 1
12-Sep Tuesday Network Circuits Ch3 Project Initialization
14-Sep Thursday Physical Layer Ch4 Quiz 2
19-Sep Tuesday Physical Layer Ch4 Group homepage due
21-Sep Thursday Data Link Layer Ch5 Quiz 3
26-Sep Tuesday Data Link Layer Ch5 Proposal due
28-Sep Thursday Network Layer Ch6  
3-Oct Tuesday Network Layer Ch6  
5-Oct Thursday Routing and QoS Ch6  
10-Oct Tuesday Exam1    
12-Oct Thursday Local Area Network Ch7  
17-Oct Tuesday Local Area Network Ch7  
19-Oct Thursday Backbone Network Ch8  
24-Oct Tuesday Backbone Network Ch8 Quiz 4
26-Oct Thursday Wide Area Network Ch9  
31-Oct Tuesday Wide Area Network Ch9 Quiz 5
2-Nov Thursday Network Management Discussion Quiz 6 (In-class exercise)
7-Nov Tuesday Network Management Ch11 & 12  
9-Nov Thursday Security Management Ch12  
14-Nov Tuesday E-Comm and Security Handout  
16-Nov Thursday E-Comm and Security    
21-Nov Tuesday Exam2    
23-Nov Thursday Thanksgiving    
28-Nov Tuesday Presentation    
30-Nov Thursday Presentation   Report due
5-Dec Tuesday Presentation    
7-Dec Thursday Presentation