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ISQS 3349

Introduction to Data Communication Networks

Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C in ISQS 3346 and 3347

Class meetings: TTh 12:30-1:50p, BA 157
Discussion session: Thursday, 10:00-11:00a, BA 618

Instructor's Office Hours: TTh 9:00-11:00a, BA 708

TA: Shiva Kumar Pulyala, BA 618, MW 1-3p, 742-3547

Online Course Materials (Slides, Links, Handouts, etc.)

Presentation Schedule

Chapter PPT Slides Other Slides Homeworks Refs URL Collections
1 slides   Exer1 Supp1 Links
2 slides e-comm Exer2 Supp2 Links
3 slides Frequences Exer3 Supp3 Links
4 slides   Exer4 Supp4 Links
5 slides Ethernet Exer5 Supp5 Links
6 slides Win-net Standards Exer6 Supp6 Links
7 slides OSI Exer7 Supp7 Links
8 slides   Exer8 Supp8 Links
9 slides Cable_Modem ADSL Exer9 Supp9 Links
11 slides Snmp-Cmip Exer11 Supp11 Links
12 slides Online Escrow Exer12 Supp12 Links