ISQS 3348 Database Management Systems (Spring 2016)


Note: the instruction is subject to updates


One project in three stages


Stage 1: Design and implement a database (15 points)



1. Choose a topic (Due Mar 9)

1) Business background definition

2) 5-6 tables and their relationships

Deliverable: a short description of database title, table names, and the relationships


2. Database design (Due Mar 25)

1) Data modeling

2) Component design

Deliverable: Database design report

         Business background description, 1-2 pages

         Data model charts and descriptions

         E-R diagram and descriptions


3. Database implementation (Apr 4)

1) Load data

2) Database management functions

Deliverable: Database system for the business

         Raw data

         SQL scripts for the Database

         Sample results of queries, such as search, modification, and forms


4. Application implementation (Apr 11)

1) Database processing functions

2) User interfaces

Deliverable: Applications for the database

         Business rules and business processes

         Application structure and descriptions

         SQL scripts


Stage 2: Preliminary database applications (10 points), May 2

Demonstrative database (locally accessible is fine) is completed. Submission: Screenshots or/and screen-recorded. No need to videotaping now.


Stage 3: Advanced database applications (15 points), Due May 9, Monday

Teams need to add in the following PHP applications into the database:

         Web-based listing of contents in the database from the database

         Web-based online queries for a single record

Make use of the PHP code available with the course materials for HSD database with revisions.

There are two deliverables:

A. Term Project Report

The main contents of the report should not exceed 10 pages including figures and tables. The details are as follows:

1. The report contains the following sections

1) Database background description

2) Data and data modeling (entities and relationships, normalization, etc.)

3) Database design (tables, denormalization, security considerations, etc.)

4) Database implementation (screenshots, etc. as the materials submitted in Stage 2)

5) Applications of SQL/PHP (screenshots come with brief explanations)

2. The cover page is required to have the information of course, team name, team members, title, and date.

3. The submission must have SQL/PHP codes in appendixes.

4. Both electronic copy and hard copy of the report and appendixes are required.

B. Project demonstration

Each team meet the Instructor for up to 20 minutes to present the database application system. The meeting will be scheduled during May 9-10.